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E-file Your Taxes for FREE

Tax Calculator 2015
E-file Your Taxes for FREEFree Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator 2015

The Tax Calculator 2016 will compute your 2015 Tax Return and any Tax Refund Online if you liable to receive in 2015. This calculator takes into account the Medicare Levy, the Low Income Rebate, and Income Tax. We updated Tax Calculator 2015 frequently as the IRS announces the latest changes for Tax year 2015. Just fill up your information and get results within minutes.

Tax Refund Calculator
Tax calculator 2016

In 2015 Federal Budget a number of changes to the tax rates announced:

  • There was an increase in the tax free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200
  • Decrease in low income rebate
  • As a result, the marginal tax rates were increased to from 15% to 19% and from 30% to 32.5%
  • Flood Levy will not apply in the 2016 financial year.
Our Tax Calculator 2016 will consider all changes and compute your Taxes accordingly.

State Tax Calculator
Tax Refund Calculator

With our Free Tax Refund Calculator we offer following tax refund services:

  • You can get Exchange & Student Visa Tax Refunds if applicable
  • We help to obtain Tax Refunds for Skilled Workers
  • There are provision for Artists & Athletes Tax Refunds
  • If you are Experts and Green Card Holders we help you to get refund
  • We work hard to get Investment Income Refunds
  • If you are Self-Employed we help you to get Tax Refund
  • If you give your property on rent we help you to get Rental Income Tax Refund
  • Our calculator can compute US Tax Refund for Foreign Companies
  • We offer Gambling and Prize Tax refund services
Our Tax Refund Calculator makes complex US tax system simple for you! By E-file you can get your tax refund within shortest period. With Filing Tax Return with e-mail you can get refund within 6 to 8 weeks while with the help of our tax refund calculator you can get it within half of the time means within 3 weeks and it is deposited in your bank account.

Tax Calculator 2015
Tax Return Calculator

Our Tax Return Calculator Offer Following Services:

  • Automatically double checks for errors
  • All kind of technical support with chat and advanced help features
  • Cover following forms and schedule:
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Education credit
  • Student loan interest and tuition
  • And many more…
If you enter correct amount you will get all process finished within 30 minutes.

Tax Return Calculator
Federal Tax Calculator

Our Federal Tax Calculator compute following taxes based on federal laws:

  • • Individual Income Taxes
  • • Payroll taxes
  • • Corporate income taxes
  • • Excise taxes
  • • Estate and Gift taxes
  • • Other taxes…
  • And many more…
If you are eligible for these taxes come on our website and get instant services.

Tax Estimator 2015
State Tax Calculator

Calculating state taxes are not straight forward job because each state has their own rules and regulations for applying sales, income, excise taxes and user fees. Not only states differ in tax format but also recur it either directly or indirectly. Our calculator is capable to manage all these state-wise variations and do its job correctly. Only you have to enter your state name and get result.

Free Tax Calculator

Estimate your taxes with free tax calculator. There are:

  • Accurate tax estimator
  • Easy interview style questionnaire
  • Federal and State calculations
  • No obligation or commitment
  • And many more…
If you enter correct amount you will get all process finished within 30 minutes.

Tax Calculator Online

Income Tax Calculator

In the US, a tax is imposed on income of the taxpayer by the federal, most states and many local governments. Calculate your Taxable Income by taking into account income from all sources viz. Salary and Allowances, House Property, Capital Gains, Income from other sources, Agriculture Income etc. Our calculator simplifies it and calculates accurately.

To pay tax is essential so you are to estimate taxes before you prepare your 2015 Tax Return. Computing taxes on a spread sheet in order to sending it by e-mail is laborious work. We want to save your time and effort by offering our various Tax calculators. These calculators only demand the essential information from you like

Our Tax Estimator 2016 will automatically calculate your various taxes for current financial year because our tax calculator uses information tables and regulations, subject to modification by the IRS and changes in the code for current financial year.

Free Tax Calculator
E-file Your Taxes for FREE

Income Tax Forms

The best IRS web resource by far is Publication 17, which covers information relevant to most tax situations.

  • 1040EZ Series for Individuals
  • 1040A Series for Individuals
  • 1040 Series for Individuals
State Tax Calculator